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European ICT Manager - Defence - LE6

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European ICT Manager - Defence - LE6



Closing date:
3rd September 2017

Job Description

Starting Salary: £49,033
Position Security Assessment: Negative Vetting Level 2 (NVL 2)
Contract: Permanent
Full time: 36.75 hours per week

Applications are sought from people interested in employment under local terms and conditions as Locally Engaged Staff.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a condition of this appointment that any candidates applying for this position must be able to obtain and maintain an Australian National Security Clearance to Negative Level 2 and must therefore be an Australian citizen.


About the Department of Defence

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is constituted under the Defence Act 1903, its mission is to defend Australia and its national interests. In fulfilling this mission, Defence serves the Government of the day and is accountable to the Commonwealth Parliament which represents the Australian people to efficiently and effectively carry out the Government`s defence policy.

Australian Defence Staff -London roles are as follows:

  1. Support the Australian High Commissioner in conducting engagement with the United Kingdom, and represent the Government of Australia on Defence matters.
  2. Support The Secretary, Chief of Defence, and their Group Heads in achieving their engagement objectives with the United Kingdom.
  3. Look after our people in the United Kingdom.


About the Position

The main purpose of the role is to provide a fully operational, compliant and supported suite of Information Communication Technology (ICT) management services and equipment to Australian Defence Staff in Europe.  The ICT Manager will provide technical level support and day-to-day network administration of the Defence Information Environment (DIE) located within the Australian High Commission while overseeing and assisting in the operation of those networks in Europe.  At a policy level, the ICT Manager acts as the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) representative in UK, attending bilateral and multilateral meetings relating to strategic ICT and interoperability issues, and reporting back to the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) in Canberra on developments in MoD relating to ICT. 

With a high level of autonomy while working closely with the Chief of Staff ADS(L) and liaising with CIOG, the European ICT Manager is required to:

  1. Provide leadership to conduct the following:
  • Be responsible for the planning, monitoring and achieving team out comes to a high quality.
  • Provide expertise across a broad range of activities relating to the running of ICT in Europe.
  • Plan and recommend strategic direction for ICT for posts across Europe and consider how CIOG strategic direction might impact those sites.
  • Consider and effectively manage competing priorities.
  • Provide significant contrition to innovation and business improvement through ICT.
  • Engage with risk, including conducting risk assessment and risk management to reduce the ICT risk with Europe.


2. With independence you will:

  • Work with a high level of independence, under the broad direction of senior staff at post, CIOG and wider Defence.
  • Communicate and make decisions based on professional judgment, evaluating risks and the context of those decisions that may have a high level of impact on the functional areas of posts across Europe.
  • Conduct research and analysis of ICT issues within Defence and the wider ICT space. Keep current with ICT market and trends.


3. Manage:

  • Manage a team of employees performing a wide range of tasks.
  • Coordinate and undertake detailed and or sensitive projects that impact on defence ICT systems that potential impact those systems across Europe.
  • Build the capacity in the team through coaching and on the job training. Provide performance feedback and encourage career development.
  • Promote autonomy and imitative within the team and allocate resources and finances to meet objectives.
  • Stay up-to-date with ADS-London, CIOG and the Australian Governments strategic focus for Europe.
  • Work within Defence, Australian Government and CIOG policy and framework.


4. Stakeholder management is a large part of the role, you will:

  • Engage, collaborate and develop a wide range of stakeholder relationships within ADS-L, the London High Commission, Posted Defence staff, European Defence sites, other European Embassies and external networks, to achieve outcomes and facilitate cooperation.
  • Represent ADS-L ICT at cross-agency meetings and other forums.
  • Identify new stakeholders considering future needs/direction and changing environments.


5. As a service department you will be responsible for:

  • Negotiate and liaise with internal and external customers and stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes. When needed resolve conflict in the context of escalated, sensitive or difficult issues.
  • Manage complex relationships internally and externally, including the management of customer expectations.
  • Identify, develop and establish new services and customer support systems and system improvement initiatives.
  • Identify measures to access performance of customer services standards and act on those outcomes.
  • Promote a professional and customer focused culture within the work area.
  • Prepare complex correspondence and corporate documentation.
  • Undertake risk assessment and risk management activities with a focus on ICT and business continuity.
  • Manage and undertake a range of procurement and contract negotiation functions.
  • Manage the recruitment of staff, including interviews and preparation of selection reports.


6. With a wide range of Defence and ICT projects you will:

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and project teams, oversee project outputs and review project outcomes.
  • Evaluate proposals, select and consult with contractors and ICT venders.
  • Undertake risk assessment and work activities for projects and programs.
  • Manage project and ICT budgets.
  • Manage, deliver and monitor projects that may have a wide impact across Defence in Europe.
  • Develop, plan, manage and conduct ICT training programs


7. Produce policy that will:

  • Facilitate policy initiatives and change through the development and interpretation of policy, sometime complex, which requires detailed analysis while working with internal and external stakeholders and senior management.
  • Maintain knowledge of relevant legislative and reporting requirements
  • Contribute to strong levels of regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Undertake and manage investigations
  • Educate employees in correct decision making practises.


8. With a high level of technical skills you will:

  • Provide high level specialist technical/professional advice on specific issues to senior managers, contributing to and supporting the strategic direction of defence.
  • Supervise and manage professional work units and provide expert advice and assistance to team members when required.
  • Liaise, engage and where appropriate collaborate with internal or external professionals.
  • Maintain professional knowledge and continue to develop knowledge and expertise in relation to professional skills.
  • Develop and deliver education services in the area of ICT.
  • Prepare and review procedural or technical documents and guidelines
  • Manage and deliver projects of a technical or specialised nature.



  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for customer service – including: face-to-face, e-mail and telephone communication.
  • Functional expertise in technology and network administration, and the ability to learn additional skills in this area quickly or on-the-go.
  • Strong time management and multitasking skills.
  • Ability to interpret technical language to non-technical colleagues for their understanding.
  • Experience administering referrals in  a government Global Support Centre environment, desirable
  • Experience maintaining systems, processes, databases, internet and intranet
  • Experience  in management and tracking of an asset and device register


Selection Criteria


Selection Criteria

In your written statements, you must include succinct, high-level and relevant examples that support your claims against the role.

A. Previous responsibility of secure network administration, or network administration experience and formal IT qualifications.


B. In depth knowledge of current networking hardware and operating systems in a mixed networked environment and, demonstrated experience of Wide Area Network systems, IP protocol and secure networks.


C. Ability to work effectively across all organisation levels building strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, demonstrating strong oral and written communication with the capacity to ensure the delivery of service.


D. Demonstrated high level supervision and management skills, ensuring objections were set, prioritised, monitored and met; delivered effective results with limited direction.


E. Draw on your experience of high level supervision and management skills, ensuring objectives were set, prioritised, monitored and met; delivered effective results with limited direction.

Sorry, this vacancy is closed.

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